Finally, A Simple, Scientific Way To Detox From Marijuana & Pass Any Drugs Test In Less Than 37 Hours

Completely and utterly baffled…

That’s how I felt when he passed the test AGAIN.

Yes, I'll admit it now...

I am one of the laboratory drug testers.

A chemist with a Masters degree in Chemical Sciences from The University of Minnesota.

“How the hell is he passing these” I wondered to myself.

I'd heard from friends that just a few days ago this same guy had been getting high like a hippy in an Apocalypse.

And yet here are his test results, back from lab inspection, and 100% in the clear again.

Now, call me nosy...

But I’m a scientist at heart, and when things like this just don’t add up...

Well, curiosity gets the better of me and I just have to find out what the heck is going on.

This was the beginning of my search for the scientific method that allowed this guy from the lab to pass his marijuana test so easily,

Even when he had clearly been smoking weed just days earlier.

What I discovered was a straightforward,

(though not at all obvious...)

...way to magnetically capture, neutralise and destroy every single trace of marijuana inside the body, all in less than 37 hours by following a few simple steps.

Look, I know what you’re thinking...

That’s a bit hypocritical of a damn laboratory technician to be teaching people how to beat their drugs test...

...using nothing but a few ingredients and appliances you can buy from your local supermarket isn’t it?

And frankly, my friend, you’d be right.

But please excuse me for wanting to pay off my student debt before I die ;)

What you’re about to learn is the exact method that allows anybody,

no matter how much weed you've smoked in the past,

to beat the best marijuana drugs tests in less than 37 hours.

No other weird pills, supplements or detox kits needed.

Let me explain a little more below.

Your friend - Gabriel

Get The Only Tried And Tested Method, Guaranteed To Create A Clean Slate, And Remove 100% Of The THC From Your Body Within 37 Hours

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  • The 11 simple mistakes that trigger THC-COOH release & cause failed tests  (I witnessed them all firsthand at my lab)
  • The exact method used in the Case Study below that allowed the subject to pass his test within just 29.3 hours

Case Study

Experiment 1

An experiment was conducted to understand the effectiveness of the detox method. The levels of THC metabolite levels were monitored every half and hour over an 80 hour period to see how the levels changed during Gabriel's Magnetic Detox Method.

The blue area indicates low levels of THC-COOH which would easily pass a sophisticated drugs test.

The red area shows the time period (10 hours) from first consumption of THC until the detox begins.

The detox was started 15 hours after the case study begins. This allowed us to measure his stable levels (last smoked weed three days ago) and his levels after vaporising THC (5 hours into the experiment.)​

The green area shows the time taken to reach safe levels of THC metabolite after detox has begun. In this case the results showed that just under 30 hours (29.32 hrs to be exact) were needed to pass the most sophisticated blood and urine tests using Gabriel's Magnetic Detox Method.​

As you can see, the subject was a regular user of marijuana before the test began and would have failed his drugs test, yet just 29 hours after starting this detox method he would have passed even the best drugs tests with flying colors.

The reason his THC metabolite levels come down so quickly is because Gabriel's Magnetic Detox Method specifically breaks down the molecule that is tested for. By breaking this one bond two different molecules are created, neither of which are tested for in the laboratory.

You can see how the weak molecular bond holding together the THC-COOH molecules is targeted magnetically in Gabriel's detox causing the molecule to be rapidly destroyed allowing you to pass your test as quickly as possible.

Experiment 2

As part of the same case study, a second experiment was conducted. All conditions were kept the same except instead of Gabriel's Magnetic Detox Method, the leading THC Detox Kit on the market was used. At the time of the case study (February 2016) the kit was priced at $125. The same subject (28 year old male, 77kg) was used, and this experiment was conducted 1 week after the first experiment.

As you can see from the data graph below, THC metabolite levels go down much more slowly using the expensive detox kit (priced at $125) and failed to reach acceptable levels (below 10g/ml) even after the end of the experiment 65 hrs after detox began,

The popular THC detox kit (which we can't name here) involved an expensive herbal tonic, food sachets an detox drinks, all of which took 2 days to arrive in the mail.​

Others Passed In Less Than 37 Hours

Matt, C.Medford, Oregon

Very relieved and happy to pass my test this morning. Thank you.

Jake, Boston, MA like crazy. I tested myself for traces after 24 hours and was down... now after 48 hours I'm at zero :)

Laura, v. UK

Surprised, and at the same time very happy, about how effective the magnetic detox method turned out to be.

Phillipe, L.Munich, Germany

I passed the home test three times in a row now, so something has worked. Thank you Gabriel.

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Passed, and incidentally feel absolutely amazing after the detox

Dallas, Texas

Magic THC detox is working like magic. The home tests came out negative


Thanks, works well. 

Henry, I.
Oxford, UK

Straightforward and effective

Kris, J.

Passed - Thank you


Very simple and clear instructions. I felt pretty shitty going through the steps but I did pass the test so I can't complain.


Save $80 By Purchasing Before The Sale Ends


$97 > $17


Results came back negative. Thank you.


Passed my urine test even though I was eating space cookies 3 days before. LMAO.


The home testing kit came up negative after a day of detox which is making me feel much more confident about the real thing.


Still have my job this morning so it must have worked - Great job Gabriel

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